Friday, January 28, 2011

Shot by Markham Lane photography

Portrait and lifestlye images, as Shot by MarkhamMarkham Lane photography studio is located in Womerah Avenue, Darlinghurst NSW in the Sydney Eastern Suburbs. The portrait photography and lifestyle images contained here have been used by my clients as actors headshots, business profiles, personal profiles, for their websites, social pages, portfolio and as a gift for mother's day or valentines day. Go to my website to view a larger selection of the Markham Lane portrait photography portfolio.

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Sydney photographer Markham Lane provides portrait and lifestyle photography services.
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Sunday, January 23, 2011

A Photography Mosaic of Your Life, With Added Inspiration

In my life, photographic inspiration comes from many sources but the strongest visions ever generated, seem to come from interactions with my "creative muses". A photographer's muse provides a different level of inspiration than the standard person you meet. It's kind of spiritual - a deeper, heart-felt connection and an instant recognition that we have a shared understanding and perspective of the creative process. My creative muses are Adrian Van Winklehof, Kamini Morrish and Greg Ruggeri.

Here are three original artworks that pay homage to them, as "told" through a mosaic of images from my personal life.

All images are Copyright 2011 Markham Lane photography. All Rights Reserved.

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

My Links

I am building a new section to my blog for directory listings and relevant links. Here is the first one:
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The Australian Blog directory is here: The Australian Index

My business partner has an interesting blog about things that inspire him about business and building e-commerce websites and SmartPhone Apps. Take a look at:
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Our multimedia company is

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