Friday, June 28, 2013

Sydney Commercial Photography - Superannuation and Investments

Sometimes marketing isn't always about creating viral social media campaigns. Formulating strategy, creating content and advertising campaigns is part of my role as a marketing manager but the truly creative element of my career lies in being a Sydney commercial photographer - photography and visual storytelling being a huge passion of mine.

"Living Life to the Full" by Sydney commercial photographer Markham Lane
It's a great pleasure to be asked to perform the commercial photography side of a campaign's production schedule, as well as being the marketing guy helping those brands develop strategies for their campaign. The benefit to me is that I get to travel, be creative and see the project through from beginning to end. The benefit to the client is a reduced cost for campaign development and comfort in knowing the project has less hand-off points - reducing turnaround times and the associated costs, including loss of revenues that come with that.

Here's a brief case study of a typical process. An investment and insurance company with a number of managed funds services, including superannuation and annuities are looking to attract younger investors who might be thinking about their retirement years in a brochure to be sent out to some of their customer base. I was asked to come for a preliminary meeting to discuss concepts.

The subsequent brief that came after that meeting required a retired couple had to be seen "living life to the full" and a connection had to be made at the experiential level to illicit an emotional response in the eyes of the audience. We decided that a photo shoot of a retired couple experiencing the V8 Fastway Track at the Eastern Creek Raceway was a thrilling, adrenalin pumping experience that could be easily shot.

And let me tell you, when those engines started to roar, the expressions on the faces of this retired couple really said it all.

Copyrighting was done with the key messages being signed-off by the client before the subsequent brochure was designed, with another sign-off by the client prior to printing. The whole process was managed in-house, with boxes of brochures and envelopes being delivered to the client, so that they could manage the postal process themselves.

The response in the first week generated hundreds of calls and I'm told that the client is very happy with the end results.

If you're thinking about your next marketing campaign, hiring a Sydney commercial photographer who knows how to capture the emotion of the moment while also assisting with brainstorming your advertising concept, the why not contact Markham Lane at for an initial consultation? Call him on +61414446660 or email

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