Sunday, September 11, 2011

Featured Photographer in Aerial Photography Article

I recently did a Google search on my photographic works and found one of my photos being featured in an article written by Jonathan Dy, for WordPress About, showcasing "30 Amazing Photographs of Aerial Photography". To go to the article, click on this link:

It's an honour to have some of your work showcased in this way, up there with the best aerial photographers in the world. The photo is part of a collection of images I captured from a sea plane over the Great Barrier Reef National Park in late 2009. Interestingly, some of the underwater photography images I managed to capture on that adventure have also been showcased by other online blogs.

No doubt, aerial photography is one of my all-time favourite genres - the thrill of the adventure, coupled with the unique perspective makes it a standout experience, as a photographer. My dream job would be to build a collection of natural landscapes, seascapes and cityscapes, hanging out of a door less helicopter or light aircraft, finding the artistic composition in what lies beneath. 

I might have my head in the clouds (pun intended) when it comes to this dream being realised but you never know when a benefactor or corporate entity might come along and say "now is the time to make that aerial photography dream a reality".

Here is the aerial photography example used by WordPress in their article published on the 13th July 2011:

To see more of my aerial photography collection, you can either find me on or go to my website and browse through the "Landscapes" Gallery. Don't forget to share your "like" and send me an email to make a connection.