Monday, September 27, 2010

Aerial photography for a unique perspective by photographer Markham Lane.

Many professional photographers wander the planet looking to capture something unique, to show the world a viewpoint of itself that we hadn't already considered. I too have this burning desire, this driving force that whispers into my soul, encouraging me to break free of my own limitations and to take flight.

I remember in the late 1980's when I was just a budding enthusiast, seeing pictures of planet Earth from a satellite and I remember thinking then that it would only be a matter of time before the power of photography would reach into the homes of everyday people. Fast forward to the new millenium and say "hello Google Earth", here we are.

Yet, despite the advancements into technology, aerial photography still has the power to impress us and is, to this day, still a largely untapped market. Is it the sense of "godliness" that it provides us with that makes it so powerful? Whatever the reason, I'm sure to keep my passion for aerial photography alive so long as it continues to deliver on the promise of WOW.

All images Copyright 2010 Markham Lane - All Rights Reserved


Markham Lane photography series - aerial photography. All images Copyright 2010 Markham Lane - All Rights Reserved.

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Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Markham Lane photography series "Lightmoves" painting with light

Using light and a slow camera shutter, this series of original artworks printed on canvas and signed by the artist photographer, Markham Lane, challenges the traditional perception of photography that "captures a moment in time".

Using light sources as paint on the canvas to produce an abstraction of our everyday world is what this series is all about. Limited edition photographic prints are also available.

All images are Copyright Markham Lane 2006-2010 All Rights Reserved

All images are Copyright Markham Lane 2006-2010 All Rights Reserved.
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Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Corporate styling for men

A photo shoot earlier this year for stylist Jade Sardon who provides (amongst other things), corporate styling services for men. I took images for her website promotions. Click on the title of this post to see more images on her website.

Thursday, September 2, 2010

qfit "gym programs" hits the #1 SEO Google ranking - again

After a change to the Google algorithm in May 2010, qfit lost it's #1 ranking for the keyword phrase "gym programs". Now with a series of additional links, new articles and AdWords clicks, we have again reached the No.1 position in Australia from a listing of over 8.5 million page results.

Here is a screen capture of the this moment, for prosperity:

qfit is Australia's most innovative online personal trainer resource, offering full video instructions from qualified Australian personal trainers on what individuals need to do at the gym. Watch online then download the step-by-step instructions to your video enabled mobile phone handset. Replay the videos again and again for the full six week tutorial.

There are three basic categories: (1) Fitness Workout Plans (2) Weight Loss Workout Plans and (3) Muscle Building Workouts with an additional category for people who just use (4) free-weights at their own home gym.
Now chose your level of experience (A) Beginner (B) Moderate (C) Intermediate (D) Advanced then purchase the gym training workout plan that's a match for you.

After six weeks, you will (like so many others before you) find a whole new level of fitness by sticking to the plan for the full six weeks and then changing plans when your muscles get attuned to doing that routine.

Along with the video instructions you also get a fully detailed download pack that provides written instructions in a printable PDF and a workout diary (tailored to your chosen workout plan) to record your progress as you train. With the qfit step-by-step system, you really can't make a mistake.

Now you can workout at your gym, at a time that suits you, getting qualified instructions from a personal trainer for the fraction of the cost of a one-to-one service.

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