Friday, November 12, 2010

Creating an Original Artwork on Canvas: Process Anatomy

I think I tried to stuff too many jobs into this month and that's why my life has been so hectic for the past four weeks! Still, I think there's some benefit in providing you with an insight into what it takes to create an original artwork, printed on canvas, using photography as my paint brush. My latest creation, titled "Constructed Sydney" is the basis for this blog post.

Here is a copy of the final original artwork, which has now been printed with archival quality canvas and inks:

"Constructed Sydney" is an original artwork designed and signed by photographer artist, Markham Lane. Copyright 2010 Markham Lane photography. All Rights Reserved.
It all started with a brief from one of my favourite clients, to fill a space in the boardroom of his new office building, located at Sydney's Circular Quay. While the brief was simple enough; "Something with the Sydney Habour Bridge, in black and white, that matches the dimensions of the light-space in the room next door", producing something original, that I would be proud to sign my name on, filled me with dred.

It's the same every time ...and I think it's got something to do with my own high standards for creating art. Having spent years travelling the world, studying the greatest artists of all time, I want my work to somehow live up to my own ideal of what is "great". I want my work to be different, to be (at least) a little original. To have the Markham twist, telling a story, big picture, little picture.

He loved the idea of "photography as the paintbrush", which suits me at the moment given how my creative talents are in this zone. I came up with an overall concept - historic architectural Sydney, embedded within the structure of the Harbour Bridge - to which he agreed to take a chance on me and commissioned the artwork. 

While I tried to share with him the process to develop, he offered the only caveat - that he didn't really want to be involved in the artistic development on the final piece, "Not wanting to step on your creative license" was the way he put it. Well, that's a dream situation for an artist, so I entered into the process with gusto.

Here's a visual representation of the process, to make that concept come to life:

The first step was to collect an image of the Sydney Harbour Bridge, along with all the images of "historic architectural Sydney". You may not be able to see it here, but on the final artwork (210cm x 70cm) the entire canvas is covered by a title mosaic of buildings located in Sydney. Each tile is about 8cm x5cm. Some buildings were built recently, with others from as far back as the early 1800's.

Two months later, I had enough images collected to build the mosaic tile. All images were originally photographed in colour on blue sky days, (during a post-drought period, a blue-sky was difficult to arrange) as I still wanted to produce a colour version of the artwork, before completing the process for my client in moving to black and white.

Using Photoshop to merge image layers at high resolution made the "superMac" grind to a halt in the dying stages. Aparently the "scratch disks were full". Hell, I have no idea what that means either but there was a lot of tinkering with the computer by my awesome partner to get it working again. Three days later, and voi-la!!

Original artworks, printed on canvas, using photography as the paintbrush, is the realisation of my life's passion. In understanding the process anatomy, you get an opportunity to come into my world, to see what my crazy "Time is Art" philosophy is about and hopefully enjoy something great to look at too.

Markham Lane photography website is and he can be contacted via his Agent, Quaetapo Media, on +61-2-9332-2028 for interested parties requiring any of his photography services.

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Landscape photography - the latest addition to the "Sunrise Sunset" series.

In our busy lives, especially when we live in major population centres, getting an opportunity to reconnect with nature enlivens our spirits. I believe it is this condition that makes the appeal of landscape photography so undeniable. Add to that the heady mix of a colourful sunrise or sunset and you end up capturing a landscape photography image worthy of archival printing.

Copyright 2010 Markham Lane - All Rights Reserved

Here is the latest example added to my landscape photography series, "Sunrise Sunset". This image was captured by me on Saturday 16th October 2010 up at Lake Munmorah. Looking over the lake, the sun sets behind a disused coal-fuelled power station.

I love the juxtaposition of this image. The manmade objects overpowered by the full force of nature helps to put us and our existance, into perspective.

More landscape photography examples of my work can be found on my website.

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Corporate events management by SLM Events

I was recently asked to commission works for SLM Events, during a corporate conference they were running for a multinational organisation with a sales division, here in Sydney. As far as photographic jobs were concerned, it sounded like a cut-and-dry job, as there was no necessity to take photos of the actual attendees.

Arriving at a corporate functions centre in Homebush, I was quickly put to work to assist with building original images of the set-up process of their events, that would later be used on their new functional website. I was given direction by their Marketing and Operations Manager of what they were specifically looking for - interesting angles with styled arrangements, using the best available light sources. We had a lot of fun producing the works, as briefed.

Relocating to a second venue, I was delighted to find the special events manager had spared no detail to ensure that the evenings dinner party would be a visual, audio and gastronomic experience beyond compare. As the dinner service was being arranged, my photographer flair kicked into overdrive, to ensure that I did justice not only to the brief, but also to the creative energy sunk into this project.

This is the final image that was taken for just before the guests were invited to walk in. I'm sure you'll agree with me, that SLM Events management really is the place to go, to get your corporate conference, function or special events done without any fuss - always delivered on-time and within budget.

For me, it was a real pleasure to work with SLM Events in providing Markham Lane photography services and I look forward to working with them again for their Christmas function.

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Hotel Realm luxury accommodation in Canberra

When you're looking for budget hotel accomodations, it's a rare day that you stumble across 5 star one bedroom suites that matches with your lifestyle, sense of style, need for spacious interiors, luxury appointments and all the technology you need to relax your way. Yet, this is exactly what we discovered with Hotel Realm in Canberra.

It's been over ten years since I went down to Canberra. The team and I went down there for a number of photo shoots and to get a bit of inspiration with a visit to the National Gallery. In our down time, staying at Hotel Realm proved to be the one of the best choices we ever made. Thanks to the front desk manager, we were given a complimentary upgrade to a one bedroom suite.

The gym facilities and pool were awesome, the resturants served some really delicious food and the grand ballroom even had a wedding reception while we were there. Unfortunately I didn't get to take a peek at their high-end luxury suites but their website makes for very interesting viewing. Take a look at

Monday, September 27, 2010

Aerial photography for a unique perspective by photographer Markham Lane.

Many professional photographers wander the planet looking to capture something unique, to show the world a viewpoint of itself that we hadn't already considered. I too have this burning desire, this driving force that whispers into my soul, encouraging me to break free of my own limitations and to take flight.

I remember in the late 1980's when I was just a budding enthusiast, seeing pictures of planet Earth from a satellite and I remember thinking then that it would only be a matter of time before the power of photography would reach into the homes of everyday people. Fast forward to the new millenium and say "hello Google Earth", here we are.

Yet, despite the advancements into technology, aerial photography still has the power to impress us and is, to this day, still a largely untapped market. Is it the sense of "godliness" that it provides us with that makes it so powerful? Whatever the reason, I'm sure to keep my passion for aerial photography alive so long as it continues to deliver on the promise of WOW.

All images Copyright 2010 Markham Lane - All Rights Reserved


Markham Lane photography series - aerial photography. All images Copyright 2010 Markham Lane - All Rights Reserved.

Do you have a need for aerial photography services? Real estate agents, architects, geographers, travel and tourism agencies, local councils as well as nature-loving photography enthusiasts should contact photographer Markham Lane for more information.

Get a different perspective. Get an aerial photography print. Bookings via Quaetapo Media, call +61-2-9332-2028

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Markham Lane photography series "Lightmoves" painting with light

Using light and a slow camera shutter, this series of original artworks printed on canvas and signed by the artist photographer, Markham Lane, challenges the traditional perception of photography that "captures a moment in time".

Using light sources as paint on the canvas to produce an abstraction of our everyday world is what this series is all about. Limited edition photographic prints are also available.

All images are Copyright Markham Lane 2006-2010 All Rights Reserved

All images are Copyright Markham Lane 2006-2010 All Rights Reserved.
 For sales enquiry, contact Quaetapo Media Pty Limited +61-2-9332-2028 or visit

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Corporate styling for men

A photo shoot earlier this year for stylist Jade Sardon who provides (amongst other things), corporate styling services for men. I took images for her website promotions. Click on the title of this post to see more images on her website.

Thursday, September 2, 2010

qfit "gym programs" hits the #1 SEO Google ranking - again

After a change to the Google algorithm in May 2010, qfit lost it's #1 ranking for the keyword phrase "gym programs". Now with a series of additional links, new articles and AdWords clicks, we have again reached the No.1 position in Australia from a listing of over 8.5 million page results.

Here is a screen capture of the this moment, for prosperity:

qfit is Australia's most innovative online personal trainer resource, offering full video instructions from qualified Australian personal trainers on what individuals need to do at the gym. Watch online then download the step-by-step instructions to your video enabled mobile phone handset. Replay the videos again and again for the full six week tutorial.

There are three basic categories: (1) Fitness Workout Plans (2) Weight Loss Workout Plans and (3) Muscle Building Workouts with an additional category for people who just use (4) free-weights at their own home gym.
Now chose your level of experience (A) Beginner (B) Moderate (C) Intermediate (D) Advanced then purchase the gym training workout plan that's a match for you.

After six weeks, you will (like so many others before you) find a whole new level of fitness by sticking to the plan for the full six weeks and then changing plans when your muscles get attuned to doing that routine.

Along with the video instructions you also get a fully detailed download pack that provides written instructions in a printable PDF and a workout diary (tailored to your chosen workout plan) to record your progress as you train. With the qfit step-by-step system, you really can't make a mistake.

Now you can workout at your gym, at a time that suits you, getting qualified instructions from a personal trainer for the fraction of the cost of a one-to-one service.

Isn't it time you had a look at what qfit can provide? Go to for more information and get started today!

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Window Reflections Series - Find it on Facebook

Click the title of this blog entry for more information, to see the collection of images on our Facebook page of "Window Reflections".

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Salon Ruggeri NYC - Hair stylist to the stars

If you're in NYC treat yourself to an exclusive hair experience at the elegant Salon Ruggeri in Chelsea, New York NY. Australian hair guru Greg Ruggeri provides his one-to-one services to a celebrity clientelle, setting the standards of chic elegance and glamour, so be sure to book in advance.

Greg Ruggeri's new NYC salon is now open for business. Visit for more information

Thursday, July 22, 2010

My underwater photography featured on WIX "Photo of the Day"

Well, it's a great honour to have your work showcased by an international body of professional photographers. The WIX photography blog - with over 800,000 registered members - has picked up some of my underwater photography for their "Photo of the Day". I took this image at the Great Barrier Reef National Park in late 2009.

Go to the WIX blog by clicking on the title of this post.It you haven't seen it already, you can also visit my website and click on the "galleries" link then choose the "landscapes" collection to see more.

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Fashion photography theme: Blue Mermaid

The final product has arrived, for the "Blue Mermaid" themed fashion photography collaboration, conducted here at my Sydney Eastern Suburbs studio yesterday.

Model: Blue MC - singer from the band "The Potbelleez".
Dress designer: Rosalynn Win Couture, Fashion Designer.
Hair and Make-up: Tiffany Beckwith-Skinner.
Set designer, art direction and photographer: Markham Lane

"Blue Mermaid uses Bubbles from the Sea to find the wayward sailor"
The theme originated from Blue's spiritual fantasy of the mythical mermaid. Her love of this sea creature is permanently tattooed on her back and just looking at it, we were all inspired to take that energy and give it new life. This image is a homage to that Art Neuveau skin decoration.

Sunday, July 4, 2010

Facebook Page Markham Lane photography

Our most recent creative effort has been to establish a new Facebook page for our photography studio services, based in Darlinghurst, or on-location by Markham Lane. 

Please feel free to find my Facebook page called "Photographer Markham Lane" and become a fan... If you're reading this from Blogger, just click on the title of this blog post to find us (you will have to be logged into Facebook first). 

Markham Lane photography studio services in the Sydney Eastern Suburbs are also complimented by visual marketing communications services, commercial and personal on-location photo shoots, website design and development services and corporate videos. 

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Lifestyle images support marketing communications

The marketing communication side of my business creates lifestyle images and places them against key conceptual messages, in-order to deliver interested parties to a product or service. Here's an example of what I am talking about;

The guy "preparing for the boxing ring", Jason, is a gym enthusiast who allowed me to capture his image for the purposes of showcasing his likeness within the web publication and other Quaetapo Media titles.

In this instance, the marketing communications piece centres around a health and fitness article that addresses breaking plateaus that occur when you're cycling through strength and muscle building workouts. The image above will be used in newsletters, posted on blogs and used within social media to drive traffic to the website hosting the article.

The article itself will be structured to lead the reader towards the solution of breaking the plateau - in this case, it suggests that a functional strength workout program may be the answer. Read the article "Breaking the Strength Building Plateau" contained within the qfit knowledgebase.

The qfit Functional Strength Workout Program: 5 Day Field Force is one of many qfit gym programs that can be used by anyone who attends a gym. It is specifically good for preventing injury for (strenuous) functional movement, such as lifting heavy boxes, playing field sports or carrying children.

Friday, June 25, 2010

What's involved in the fashion photography set-up?

We're now half way there and I'm very much looking forward to the day when I actually get to take the photo. As the photographer and set designer, the process has already taken me three weeks...

I'm referring to my next fashion photography photo shoot in my Eastern Suburbs studio. It's a collaboration between couture designer Rosalynn Win and a "spiritual mermaid" girlfriend of mine, Blue Storm (but you might know her better as Blue MC from the band "The Potbelleez"). Together, the three of us are setting up a highly stylised image, where Blue gets to model a mermaid inspired bespoke dress made by Rosalynn and I set-up a fantasy underwater grotto, in white, to shoot her in.

Here's what the dress is currently looking like:

Don't pay any attention to the pins and the white exposed bit running down the back - this dress fitting is just one part of the preparation phase. The end result comes after the dress is finished, the set has been built, a further collaboration with the hair and make-up artist is done and the right lights to highlight the subject and the dress have been blocked. After the shoot, additional Photoshop elements need to be added and the image prepared for high-res pro-print output.

As the photographer and set-designer, it's very important that I be part of the preparation phase in this creative process, so that I can work cohesively with the other elements involved. We work together to deal with the issues that arise at each step of the preparation process, so we can quickly find solutions that don't impact on the final output.

The end result of any creative endeavour is always a variation on the original vision. I very much look forward to showing you the final outcome of this very creative project, so stay tuned for the output in mid-July... 

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

This ain't so simple: "Collecting the Collection"

What a huge job it's been to create a website to showcase a collection of my photographic works.
Note: If you're a visual creature, skip these words till you get to the image at the bottom of this post - it might do a better job at highlighting the long process it's taken me to get here.

For the word lovers... To give an insight, it started with a brief that highlighted the key content pages, which included a requirement to build the galleries in flash format and to provide SEO features too... "What's that?" I hear you ask... Here's what I'm talking about...

Thursday, June 10, 2010

"Mother Earth's Perspective" ~ a photographic portrait.

Is global warming a natural precoursor to an impending Ice Age or has the influence of human kind ripped apart the natural atmospheric conditions of our planet? And if either one (or both) of these statements is true, what's in-store for us in the next 50 years?

As a photographer, I sometimes get the opportunity to explore these philosophical questions within the photography works that I produce. Here's a recent portrait that centers around the "Mother Earth" perspective of our influence within her garden.

"As she looks to the core of her being and stocktakes the abundant powers within, she plans the cleansing process, flooding the world with her tears".
One of my photographic muses is the gorgeous Kamini Morrish - a dear friend and a spiritual light within my life. Being around her is such an inspiration that I keep motivating outcomes that attempt to capture the essence of her radiant beauty. I know, it's a little "gushy" isn't it?! But honestly, with her, I can't help it!

In this composite image, I sincerely hope that I do poetic justice to the topic, subject and the model. To see more of my portrait photography, take a look the galleries section of my website