Sunday, June 5, 2011

Studio Portrait Photography

My photographic life is one of service. My purpose is to "find the light and share it abundantly". Part of the way that I fulfil my purpose is to help individuals and couples to produce beautiful, lightworking portraits that truly reflect their outer and inner beauty. In fact, the glamour portraits that I create are a significant part of the recognition I receive as a photographer. I love doing it and I'm honoured that people recommend my services to their friends.

So, when it comes to producing a studio portrait, there are three lighting conditions that I have to consider. The first and most obvious is how to use the studio set-up and lighting system to the best advantage of the subject(s). The second is about connecting with the inner-light of the personalities that I am shooting. And finally, the lightworking "magic" that I apply in the post-production process.

This blog article is going to provide you with a greater understanding of the portrait photography process, what it takes to capture your image and turn it into a portrait that will enthral your family and thrill your friends. Here is a visual before-and-after example of my studio portrait services in action:

The camera captures an extraordinary amount of detail as shown in the "before" image, while the "after" image reflects the human perspective of the subject's natural beauty. Click to Enlarge. Copyright 2011 Markham Lane.
Now, I want to start this by saying that I truly believe every single adult human being, no matter how old and experienced they are, regardless of race, colour or creed, has something beautiful to offer to the world and it's my job to interpret that for the viewer.