Thursday, October 20, 2011

How to Increase SEO Results Using Original Content

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) results directly relate to the unpaid listings on search engines from any query entered. Google promotes original content on business websites by providing high SEO quality scores for that content within the “Google Algorithm”, as opposed to reductive SEO quality scores for recognized content, (like stock photos, articles existing on other websites or any webpage that is not optimized). A high quality score for original content on your website helps to rank you higher in search results, which can lead to increases in “free” search engine originated traffic.

As Google Fellow, Amit Singhal puts it; “Our site quality algorithms are aimed at helping people find high quality sites by reducing the rankings of low quality content”.

What can my business do to rank higher in natural SEO results online?

To start with, optimize all your web pages for the search engines and remove or modify any images that might also be used by other websites. Secondly, get involved in building an ongoing digital marketing strategy to maintain and improve upon the financial investment you’ve already made into your web presence. In digital marketing terms, the aim of the game is to build traffic to your website.

What options do I have to increase traffic to my website?

There are many digital marketing options to increase website traffic. You can do this via online advertising (costly), pay-per-click (PPC) search engine marketing, (can also be expensive if not properly managed), via social media pages (a frequency intensive exercise) or through natural SEO results with search engine listings driven by the original content on your site – the later including blog articles, photography or video files. In addition, SEO back links from high quality partner sites can also help SEO quality scores.

So how do I do this in a cost effective way?

If your business is into low-cost publicity, then writing articles describing how you helped a customer to satisfy their need is a great way to promote your business. All your website needs is a page dedicated to your “news” where you can add the blog articles yourself. Add an original photo to each article to pique the interest of those browsing through your site – remember, humans are visual creatures and are far more likely to read if they like the photos attached to your articles.

Try to write a 200-word article and create a corresponding original photo, once a month.

"Optimize your original images for the keyword phrase that corresponds to your webpage URL. The image metadata can help your Search ranking quality score too".

What articles work the best for SEO results?

The best articles answer the questions that are being asked on the search engines. Mostly, problem solving questions need to be answered. For example, “How to Remove Beetroot Stains from Satin Garments” might be a good article for a dry cleaning business – positioning the business as an expert in their field, while being helpful to the customer in a difficult situation. In-fact, “How to” articles are a tried and tested format that works, time and again, with search engines.

Just remember to always write what you know about, stay on topic, keep it simple and always make sure it is properly edited prior to being placed online.

Before posting new articles and photos into your blog, also make sure you optimize the content with the keyword phrases being searched by your target market. Adding keyword phrases (technical jargon = metadata) into all your original content will go a long way to help the SEO quality scores for your website. If you’re unsure which keyword phrases are relevant or how to add them into your content, ask your friendly digital marketing consultant for a quick edit before uploading.

All businesses spend time maintaining the state of their offices and stores and the same rules apply to maintaining your website. Remember: your website is a natural extension of your business and your digital marketing strategy is how you keep it clean, relevant and up-to-date. Making it a priority will bring you great SEO results and increased free traffic over time – and who doesn’t want that?[1]

[1] Using a digital marketing strategy with original content on any website can only produce higher SEO quality scores if every website page is also optimized for SEO results.

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Original Content for Standout Website Performance

If you're serious about the ability of your website to convert casual browsers to registered customers, you're always on the lookout for digital marketing tips and advice that improves the performance of your goal conversions. Of course, if you don't have Google Analytic's, Hubspot or some other measurement tool for understanding your website performance, this article is going to be irrelevant to you.

I always harp on the need for every business to get away from using stock photography images to represent your business. While stock photos may be inexpensive, chances are that your competition is using them too - and what individual is going to trust a person or a business if they're not willing to put their own face "on the cover"? Also, using unoriginal content decreases your Google ranking score, as Google recognizes the content and excludes it from their algorithm.

One way I help businesses with building original content, in the way of images, is adding a moving element or animation to the static image. This process is actually converting your original content JPEG to an animated GIF within Adobe Photoshop. The effect may look gimmicky but the visual recall of moving versus static images is in the order of 170%, according to the latest Adobe research for their retail shopping content management system, Scene7. They poll thousands of people around the world to collect stats like this, so you know you can trust what they have to say.

This flashing "M" logo is a basic animated GIF and a great example of what I am talking about here. This started as a two dimensional graphic design that is now a shining visual beacon that entices the audience to take notice, while burning the logo into your memory.You may have also seen other examples of the "M" logo throughout my original content images website "waving" in the breeze like a flag. I've used this method time-and-again because I believe in the power of enhanced brand recall, especially when using the motion element.

If your business brand could do with better visual recall or needs an overhaul of original content to improve goal conversions, contact me at for a digital marketing strategy designed for standout performance. There's no situation that I can't find an improvement solution for - ask for a free initial consultation to get the conversation started.

Thursday, October 13, 2011

Tourism Images Hawaiian Islands Sunsets in Waikiki

Tourism images are by far the most prevalent photography category available on the Internet today but creating our own original content library of images, meant a trip earlier this year to the Hawaiian Islands for Quaetapo Media.

The first night was spent in the Hawaiian Islands most popular destination - Waikiki - staying at the 110 year old Moana Surfrider Resort, which celebrated their historic milestone shortly after we arrived in March 2011. The weather was idyllic and the location couldn't have turned on a more spectacular display of classic Hawaiian Islands experiences, in presenting us with a truly magnificent sunset at the end of a day.

In editing these original content tourism images, months after the experience, I can't help but long to be back there, luxuriating in the enveloping sea breeze, sunshine and relaxed atmosphere of this first-grade tourism destination. Hopefully one day, we'll get to return there.

Using original content (rather than standard stock photography, often used by your competition) on your website increases the level of trust instilled in your audience and positions your brand as a differentiated service provider. 

If your business is locked into a saturated marketplace, an original content development strategy will help you to standout from the crowd. A smart content marketing strategy will also help your business to drive traffic to your website - and an increase in traffic often means increased sales, if you're set-up to capture and convert these leads.

At Quaetapo Media, our mission is to help online brands standout in a cluttered marketplace, using engaging and original digital marketing strategies, designed to convert online leads into sales.For more information about these digital marketing strategies and how to effectively execute them, contact Quaetapo Media for more information at