Friday, April 29, 2011

Redcliffe View of Morton Bay Night Time Photography Series

A night time photography session of the Redcliffe view in Queensland, overlooking Morton Bay, produced some beautiful and moody images, thanks to the moonlight dancing in the sky and on the water, during April 2011. 

This original seascape photography series, some using time lapse shutter speeds of up to 30 seconds, capture the detail of the moon's dance on the water, giving the reflections an incredible amount of life that you don't normally expect to see in a night time photography set. 

Night time photography forces the viewer to find the beautiful detail in the smallest amount of light-filled space. Click on each image to view a larger edition of each photograph. All images have been produced to the highest quality possible, with granular elements removed, leaving a clean and crisp effect on some of these images, reminiscent (and having taken inspiration from) the Bill Henson style.

Produced by photographer Markham Lane, all images are Copyright 2011 Markham Lane. Non-watermarked copies of these night time photography images can be requested via Quaetapo Media at or directly to Markham Lane at

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