Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Lifestyle images support marketing communications

The marketing communication side of my business creates lifestyle images and places them against key conceptual messages, in-order to deliver interested parties to a product or service. Here's an example of what I am talking about;

The guy "preparing for the boxing ring", Jason, is a gym enthusiast who allowed me to capture his image for the purposes of showcasing his likeness within the http://www.qfit.tv/ web publication and other Quaetapo Media titles.

In this instance, the marketing communications piece centres around a health and fitness article that addresses breaking plateaus that occur when you're cycling through strength and muscle building workouts. The image above will be used in newsletters, posted on blogs and used within social media to drive traffic to the website hosting the article.

The article itself will be structured to lead the reader towards the solution of breaking the plateau - in this case, it suggests that a functional strength workout program may be the answer. Read the article "Breaking the Strength Building Plateau" contained within the qfit knowledgebase.

The qfit Functional Strength Workout Program: 5 Day Field Force is one of many qfit gym programs that can be used by anyone who attends a gym. It is specifically good for preventing injury for (strenuous) functional movement, such as lifting heavy boxes, playing field sports or carrying children.

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