Thursday, June 10, 2010

"Mother Earth's Perspective" ~ a photographic portrait.

Is global warming a natural precoursor to an impending Ice Age or has the influence of human kind ripped apart the natural atmospheric conditions of our planet? And if either one (or both) of these statements is true, what's in-store for us in the next 50 years?

As a photographer, I sometimes get the opportunity to explore these philosophical questions within the photography works that I produce. Here's a recent portrait that centers around the "Mother Earth" perspective of our influence within her garden.

"As she looks to the core of her being and stocktakes the abundant powers within, she plans the cleansing process, flooding the world with her tears".
One of my photographic muses is the gorgeous Kamini Morrish - a dear friend and a spiritual light within my life. Being around her is such an inspiration that I keep motivating outcomes that attempt to capture the essence of her radiant beauty. I know, it's a little "gushy" isn't it?! But honestly, with her, I can't help it!

In this composite image, I sincerely hope that I do poetic justice to the topic, subject and the model. To see more of my portrait photography, take a look the galleries section of my website

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