Thursday, October 14, 2010

Corporate events management by SLM Events

I was recently asked to commission works for SLM Events, during a corporate conference they were running for a multinational organisation with a sales division, here in Sydney. As far as photographic jobs were concerned, it sounded like a cut-and-dry job, as there was no necessity to take photos of the actual attendees.

Arriving at a corporate functions centre in Homebush, I was quickly put to work to assist with building original images of the set-up process of their events, that would later be used on their new functional website. I was given direction by their Marketing and Operations Manager of what they were specifically looking for - interesting angles with styled arrangements, using the best available light sources. We had a lot of fun producing the works, as briefed.

Relocating to a second venue, I was delighted to find the special events manager had spared no detail to ensure that the evenings dinner party would be a visual, audio and gastronomic experience beyond compare. As the dinner service was being arranged, my photographer flair kicked into overdrive, to ensure that I did justice not only to the brief, but also to the creative energy sunk into this project.

This is the final image that was taken for just before the guests were invited to walk in. I'm sure you'll agree with me, that SLM Events management really is the place to go, to get your corporate conference, function or special events done without any fuss - always delivered on-time and within budget.

For me, it was a real pleasure to work with SLM Events in providing Markham Lane photography services and I look forward to working with them again for their Christmas function.


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  2. Looking good, I hope actual arrangements are same as you're stating here in this blog post. I can see professionalism.