Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Top Twitter Topics Magazine via Twylah

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There's a new instant website builder that takes the top topics from your Twitter feed and lays them out in a magazine style format for anyone to consume. It's currently in Beta mode but it works a treat.

Twylah looks at your Twitter profile and calculates the latest trends from all your current topics to include in the micro-blogging publication and creates a page dedicated to each of the topics you tweet about the most. You decide which are the Top3 topics to display. Delete any topics not relevant to your business, then after that, the remaining topics are displayed in the order of most discussed.

The system is simple but brilliant. Highlighting your twitter profile as the heading of the website, the publication can be shared via Twitter, Facebook, Google+ or any other AddThis social media network.

Take a look at my new Twitter news magazine at www.twylah.com/markhamimages.

The really great part of this new blogging platform is that viewers can expand tweets to see more of the conversation. They can also re-tweet the post using twitter or using the @bufferapp (a Twitter and Facebook post scheduling tool that is a must have for every savvy social media broadcaster).

As you continue to post new updates on Twitter, your news magazine is automatically updated with the top trends being calculated by number of clicks, shares, reply mentions and re-tweets. I can see myself sending out a daily or weekly news update just by posting my new Twylar page to my Twitter followers.

This is one of the best free social media apps I've seen in a long while. Get yours at www.twylah.com.

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