Monday, July 9, 2012

Infographic: Digital and Direct Marketing

An Infographic is the representation of a thought process and concept in graphical form to tell the overall story. The purpose of an Infographic is to show more than the words, so that the brain can use associative cognitive processes to absorb and understand the information being represented. When you read a thousand words, the time it takes to process all that information is much longer than looking at an image which portrays the same message.

In providing my engagement marketing and content production services, being original is the driving force behind everything I produce. I love being creative. And currently, the Infographic is taking off as one of the new "kings of content" in this digital revolution - probably because everyone is so time poor. I've got many different themes that can be used to show different messages, but in this example, I've just used one.

My first Infographic highlights the process of Direct Marketing and how broadcasting education was the fastest way to promote your brand out to the marketplace.

My second Infographic highlights the process of Digital Marketing and shows how user engagement is the fastest way to evangelise what it is you love the most, bring in your audience. 

There are many businesses who struggle to keep up with the demands that are placed on them from a digital marketing perspective, mostly because they're too busy making widgets and services that work better, cheaper and across larger markets. If that sounds like you, perhaps can help? We live to help businesses succeed in an online world.

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